Citizen Seeds:

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Sowing seed mixtures onto prepared bare soil

Ground Preparation

Select ground that is not highly fertile, and does not have a problem with perennial weeds, and removing any current weeds in desired area. Then upturn the soil to allow for receiving your wildflower mix.


Sow in the autumn or the spring, or at any other times of the year if the ground conditions are good. The seed must be sown on the soil surface and distributed by hand over a 1-3 metre radius for amount of seed in the packet for desired area. Then lightly tread over the area to give good soil to seed contact.  


There will often be a flush on annual weeds in the first growing season after your seeds are sown. However, avoid cutting this back until mid summer. Cut in the mid summer as the vegetation dies back. 

In the second growing season, and each year thereafter, leave the seed mixture uncut from spring to summer, allowing the sown species to flower in June and July.

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From this information we are able to map where participants sow their seeds. This information when cross referenced with Honey DNA analysis this can help aid decision making for future seed mixture recipes as well as green space engagement information.

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