• Your pledge will help pollinate the local area around you.

  • Pollenize provides native wildflower seeds that are necessary to enable the establishment of healthy habitat for local honey bees and other pollinators alike.

  • £5 and above monthly pledge will give you full access to both guided and informative beehive inspections throughout the beekeeping calendar year. All protective clothing will be provided along with expert beekeeping instruction.

  • As a Community Interest Company, over time we will re-invest back into the company to further projects at schools, showcasing the importance of pollinators in our environment. Additionally we will set aside a budget for ‘Pollinator related’ murals in our green spaces across the city.

  • Our local honey is reserved exclusively for our patrons. Think global, act local.

£5 a month
£10 a month
£20 a month


  • Boost your corporate social responsibility credentials.

  • Be an active part of pollinator conservation efforts.

  • Support the wildflower citizen science project by sponsoring seeds.

  • We have a number of levels of business patronage and a menu options for both on and offsite impact.

Large Business Patron
£250 a Month


Kings School Plymouth - Education Apiary

Individual Patrons:

Owen Finnie - Co-founder - Sociology

Matthew Elmes - Co-founder - Environmental Science

Rachael Gomery

Harry Finnie

Jane Hembrow

Will South

Sima Davarian

Emily Jones

Sally Perry

David Puttick

Jan Bennett

James Holroyd

Matt Trace

Helen Waddington

David Robson

Zack Williams

Mick Brian

Ian Poyser

Jacob Peters

Paul Wharton

David Curry

Sam Brian

Ami Price-Draper

Stephane Kolinsky

Jodie Saunders

Ruth Atkinson

Aaron Brian

Jack, Emma, Daisy & Ralph Harman

Lynda Somerville

Miriam Darlington

Leo Knight

Neil Gomery

Alexis Tanner

Matthew Best

Romina Alfonzo de Strubinger

Lucy Stella Rollins

Hailey Bentley

Luke Pollard

Sharon - Rock City Stage Crew

Paul Trueman

Project Support Team - Many thanks to:

John Carey - Project Carpenter & Joiner - Index-Art

Ben May - Managing Director - Alpha-Logic - Kings School Sponsor

Joshua Blackwell - Graphic Design

Rachael Gomery - Project Support

Helen Waddington - Project Support

Sarah Waddington - Project Support

Jacob McTighe - Events

Billy Finch - Artist - LiveBeeKind

Kathy Lovegrove - Beekeeper

Lily Urbanska - Beekeeper

Jack Elmes - Project Mason

Liam Ferguson - Project Support

Sarah Fear - Project Manager - Impact Lab - Environmental Futures & Big Data Lab

Lauranne Fauvet - Geo Data Science - Impact Lab - Environmental Futures & Big Data Lab

Tim Fileman - Innovation Manager - Impact Lab - Environmental Futures & Big Data Lab

Andrew Brown - B4 Project

Pete Emerson-Thomas - Locked on Media - Video & Drone Pilot

Ed Mantle - Everything Digital - Video & Media