Seeds for Schools

Twice a year in March & September Pollenize CIC distribute wild flower seeds to schools so they can be given out in sponsored seed packets for pupils to sow at home with their families.

September 2019 - Seeds for Schools Campaign

We aim to provide every school student in Devonport, Stonehouse & Stoke with a packet of free wild flower seeds with the help of sponsors.

We have chosen Devonport, Stonehouse & Stoke as our first areas for wildflower seed distribution for the following reasons:

  1. Proximity to our Devonport Guildhall our office.

  2. Complement 2019 installation of beehives and apiaries in Devonport, Stonehouse & Stoke urban locations.

  3. Large number of both primary (2,456) & secondary (2,859) students.

  4. Soft launch for Pollenize CIC social media channels.

If you would like to sponsor a packet of seeds each packet is £1. Sponsors are given a logo inclusion on the back of each of the seed packets.

Profits for each packet sold will be reinvested into further measures to promote & conserve pollinators in these areas.

Please get in contact if you would like to sponsor wild flower seed packets email us on:

Devonport, Stonehouse & Stoke Primary Schools:

College Road Primary School | Plymouth

  • 206 Students

High Street Primary Academy | Plymouth

  • 234 Students

Marlborough Primary Academy | Plymouth

  • 211 Students

Morice Town Primary Academy | Plymouth

  • 236 Students

Mount Wise Community Primary School | Plymouth

  • 217 Students

Pilgrim Primary School | Plymouth

  • 222 Students

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School | Plymouth

  • 151 Students

St George's Church of England Primary Academy | Plymouth

  • 86 Students

St Peter's Church of England Primary School | Plymouth

  • 197 Students

Stoke Damerel Primary School | Plymouth

  • 351 Students

Stuart Road Primary School | Plymouth

  • 235 Students

The Cathedral School of St Mary | Plymouth

  • 110 Students

Total = 2,456 Primary Students

Devonport, Stonehouse & Stoke Secondary Schools:

Devonport High School for Boys | Plymouth

  • 1136 Students

Plymouth School of Creative Arts | Plymouth

  • 292 Students

Stoke Damerel Community College | Plymouth

  • 1431 Students

Total = 2,859 Secondary Students