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Definition of Pollenize:

To supply with pollen; to sire the next generation of plants.

Pollenize CIC is a social enterprise that brings together the power of community and technology to reverse pollinator decline.

Accelerating pollinator awareness by introducing apiaries stocked with Native European Dark Honey Bees to high profile buildings in the centre of urban communities.

Gathering environmental intelligence data through remote hive sensing and honey pollen DNA analysis to improve the future resilience of urban pollinators and their habitats.

Citizen Science Seed Project:

Please tell us your wildflower seed sowing what3words location to help further our research into floral richness and green space engagement in the city and beyond.

*Many prizes to be won*

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2019 Apairy Network:

Pollenize CIC has created a network of community apiary sites stocked with Native European Dark Honey Bees in Plymouth.

2020 Plan for Plymouth:

Our Crowdfunder campaign if successful will see the installation of apiaries at these sites in 2020.

Cloud connected hives with remote hive monitoring equipment:

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Pollenize had teamed up with the B4 Project and the Environmental Futures and Big Data Impact Lab and have installed remote hive monitoring equipment in 18 beehives stocked with European Dark Honey Bees at Pollenize apiaries in Plymouth and the following sites in Cornwall:

  • The Eden Project

  • The Lost Gardens of Heligan

  • Mt Edgecombe Black Bee Reserve

  • Godolphin House

Asian Hornet Alert

Our in-hive acoustic sensors can detect the wing beat signature of hawking Asian Hornets predating on honey bees outside the hive.

Image: BBKA

Image: BBKA

Successful trial of the BeeBike:

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We want to be the most sustainable beekeepers in Plymouth. Pollenize are registered onto the sustainable transport scheme with Plymouth City Council and successfully tested out a cargo bike in March & April 2019.

Get Involved:

  • Your pledge will help pollinate the local area around you.

  • Pollenize provides native wildflower seeds that are necessary to enable the establishment of healthy habitat for local honey bees and other pollinators alike.

  • £5 and above monthly pledge will give you full access to both guided and informative beehive inspections throughout the beekeeping calendar year. All protective clothing will be provided along with expert beekeeping instruction.

  • As a Community Interest Company, over time we will re-invest back into the company to further projects at schools, showcasing the importance of pollinators in our environment. Additionally we will set aside a budget for ‘Pollinator related’ murals in our green spaces across the city.

  • Our local honey is reserved exclusively for our patrons. Think global, act local.

“Since the Second World War, we’ve lost 97% of our wildflower meadows, leaving our bees with little natural habitat. If pollinator numbers continue to decline at the alarming rate they currently are, lots of food crops we rely and enjoy every day will no longer exist.” Friends of the Earth

Previous Funding Success:

Pollenize is receiving support and expertise from:

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